Hello World

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Hello World


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Hello World!

Welcome to the Wonolo engineering blog! Wonolo is an on-demand staffing platform that helps people find consistent work. We’re a two-sided marketplace that matches workers (or as we call them, Wonoloers) to jobs all over the US.

We’ve been a technology company since day one, from the first versions of our apps to the complex ML models that now power our matching algorithms. We're starting this blog to share insights we’ve gathered through building the software that powers everything at Wonolo, and we hope this will be a tool for other engineers to get an inside look at how things work here, both technically and philosophically.

Some topics we’re hoping to cover in the upcoming weeks and months: Ditching Active Record Callbacks, Migrating to SwiftUI, Building a new code ownership tool, and many more. We’re super excited to get this started, stay tuned for more!

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